Comedians Cry "Justin Timberlake, Make Music Again"

With his recent surprise cameos at live venues in New York bringing back hazy memories of the days of Justin Timberlake, musical performer, certain raw emotions are once again being stirred in a nation of fans who still can't understand why JT just won't make new music anymore. Two of them, Sara Schaefer and Nicki Glaser, have decided to take action in the matter, in the form of a sporadically funny PSA starring them and an assortment of other comedians.

Against the typical PSA plain gray background, the comedians beg Timberlake to return reclaim the pop throne that is rightfully his. "I don't know how to pleasure myself to Bruno Mars!" bemoans one, while another protests "Justin Bieber is too young for me to jerk off to!" Having officially proclaimed the sexy "no longer back" and even invoking the fighting-words analogy of Michael Jordan playing baseball to decry JT's acting career, the comedians conclude with the plea: "Please Justin Timberlake, make music again."

(By the way, not to brag or anything, but some of us were calling JT out for abandoning music before it was cool to do so. Just saying...)


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