One of the least-anticipated baby births in pop music history—on this website, anyway—has finally arrived. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose—who announced the latter's pregnancy at last year's VMAs, in what was perhaps meant to start a Beyoncé-like, ceremony-dwarfing hubbub (maybe if Amber had performed a flawless rendition of "Love on Top" shortly after)—have finally welcomed to the world their first-born child. Tweeted the happy couple:

There's no reason why he could or should, but we kinda hope that young Sebastian Taylor Thomaz—ooh, can we call him STT?—ends up going to the same schools as Blue Ivy Carter, crushing after her for most of his teen years, while Blue Ivy looks upon him with sweet pity and general disregard. Until then, nothing but the best for the puddle of super-weird love that is Amber, Wiz and their new arrival.