Common Throws A Fan A Freestyle "Party" At Sundance

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Here's all you need to know about this video:

1) Common's at the Sundance Film Festival because he stars in the film LUV, whose Baltimore setting (and at least one cast member) has already garnered it at least one comparison to The Wire.

2) We've posted on Common freestyles before.

3) This one happened during the Sundance afterparty and was for a fan; unsurprisingly, when you tell a receptive lady things like "but enough about them, it's me and her" and its "she got a diamond, she may have a ring" (along with a few more suggestive lines), both she and her audience approve.

4) Every part of this is better than J Cole's verse on "Party." (Sorry, J Cole. You have many fortes, but replacing Andre 3000 is not one of them.)

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