"Community"'s Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino Has a Funny New Hip-Hop Video

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Community star Donald Glover currently has the internet going bonkers with his rap persona Childish Gambino—a motormouth mixtape monster that's been grinding longer than his show has been on the air. Today he dropped a video for "Freaks And Geeks," a track off his yet-untitled EP. If you haven't heard Glover, he's like a mix of nerdier-than-thou punchline rappers of the '90s with a little bit of Weezy rasp, Cudi cool and Andrew "Dice" Clay's ever-subtle entendres.

The track leaked a little while ago, so we already had a good sense of Glover's ultra-dorky jokes ("e.e. cummin' on her face/Now that's poetry in motion"—oof) and hipster bravado (one line references lo-fi artwave mutants Ariel Pink). But the clip really shows us his more energetic side, as he mugs and bounds and leaps all over for a sloooooow panning camera. Seriously, how is dude not totally out of breath at the end of this? Oh yeah, he's an actor!

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