Playgirlz and Playboyz everywhere will be excited to learn that the sexy ladies of After School are currently working on their next album. Although the group's popular sub-unit, Orange Caramel, has been fairly active over the past six months, After School haven't released anything together since "Flashback" in June. Not much is known about their comeback just yet, except that "Flashback" hitmaker, Texu, may be involved again. However, one interesting tidbit of info comes from Jason Jejoon Park, the managing director of After School's label, PLEDIS Entertainment. In a recent tweet, Park wrote: "After monitoring the mastering of After School’s best album yet, i’m getting emotional T.T."

It's a pretty bold claim for a group like After School, whose hits like "Shampoo" and "Because of You" are some of the best girl group tunes of the past few years. The latter even made it into our Greatest K-pop Song of All Time tournament. But if there's one thing that After School desperately needs right now, it's another huge hit. Their popularity has been in decline following the graduation of some of the group's star members, and their singles, while still successful, have been charting lower and lower with each release. Meanwhile, Orange Caramel's success has now grown to the point that it's starting to overshadow After School, which isn't exactly the best look for the ladies. (Unless of course, you're one Orange Caramel's members -- then it's probably fabulous.)

Sadly, we still don't have an exact date for After School's comeback. Fans claim that it's in March, but with Orange Caramel scheduled to release their first Japanese album that month, it could be a problem. In February, After School will travel to Australia and Thailand for a concert and a fanmeet, so Feb also looks unlikely. Playgirlz and Playboyz, we'd say keep yours eyes locked on late March/early April for a possible comeback, and keep your fingers crossed that the group's new album is every bit as good as PLEDIS says it is.