Congratulations to 78Violet, Your Choice for the Best Siblings in Pop!

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One lucky thing for the sisterly duo of 78Violet: They'll never have to worry about fans forgetting their names. (They previously recorded as Aly and AJ, which happens to be the names they were born with.)

Another lucky thing: They just became Popdust voters' choice for the Best Siblings in Pop! With the rabid voting of fans, Aly and Aj Michalka took on the McClain Sisters, the Jonas Brothers and finally Chord and Nash Overstreet and triumphed over them all!

Congrats 78Violet! As a reward, let's play a game: Can you tell which images are from a Terrence Malik film and which are from 78Violet's latest music video, "Hothouse"?

Spoiler alert: They're all from "Hothouse"! Watch the video below:

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