Congratulations to Justin Bieber's "Fall," Today's Greatest Prom Song!

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Justin Bieber took on the Britney Spears and juggernaut—and won.

Bieber's "Fall" took home a victory in our tournament to decide Today's Greatest Love Song, edging out "Scream & Shout" with 53% of the vote. Congratulations Justin!

Since "Fall" came out of the tournament's Cheek-to-Cheek bracket, now's the perfect time to ask: How does the song stack up as a slow-dance classic? Let's do an experiment to find out!

First, press "play" on the video below:

Now let the song's sensual vibes wash over you as you watch these .gifs:

Wow! You guys were right: This is quite possibly the greatest slow-dance song of our time.

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