Third time's the charm. Only a couple weeks after celebrating her 30th birthday, Britney has gotten hitched once again, this time to ex-agent Jason Trawick. The two had been dating for some time, and Jason and Britney had recently re-enacted some of their more private moments in the video for Femme Fatale single "Criminal." Brit shared the happy news with Access Hollywood, and later shared the happy news to her fans over Twitter:

The gift was a ring, for those of you not big on reading between the lines. (Brit got her man a pretty good gift in return for his 40th birthday: A confederate motorbike. "He looked so cool in the [Criminal] video, that I had to get him a new motorcycle," she explained.)

The wedding will be Britney's third, following her slapdash elopement with childhood friend Jason Alexander in early 2004, and of course, her infamous union with backup dancer and aspiring rapper Kevin Federline from late 2004 to 2007. This one seems slightly more stable a union than either of those volatile (to the say the least) relationships, so we hope it lasts a little bit longer. If you look at it in terms of percentages, Brit-Fed lasted a couple hundred times longer than her 55-hour civil union with not-Costanza, so assuming the upward trend continues, it seems likely Britney and Jason are in it for the long haul.