Why Conor McGregor Belongs in a Zoo: A List of Assaults

Conor McGregor continues to get away with committing violent crimes.

It's time to put Conor McGregor in a cage, but not the octagonal kind.

The former star UFC fighter, best known for being a trash-talking s**thead, has apparently taken to sucker punching elderly men in bars.

The assault occurred at Dublin's Marble Arch Pub back in April. McGregor wanted to buy a round of his cheap Proper Twelve whiskey for everyone. One patron, an old man, refused the glass McGregor set in front of him. McGregor returned the glass back to the old man. The Old man pushed it away again. McGregor seemed to relent and took a shot with the other patrons. Then, as soon as the old man looked away, McGregor, a professional fighter, sucker punched the old man in the face. Oh, and it's all on video:

Video of Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute | TMZ Sports www.youtube.com

Conor McGregor is a straight-up animal. That's not a compliment like, "Ooh yeah, Conor McGregor is beast mode!" No, Conor McGregor behaves as if has the mental capacity and aggressive instinct of a feral animal, and he should be locked away before he hurts more people.

We're talking about the same guy who attacked a bus filled with other UFC fighters by smashing a window, which seriously injured two other athletes (one got glass in his eye, resulting in "multiple cornea abrasions"). That's on video, too:

Insane Alternate Angle of Conor McGregor Bus Attack | TMZ Sports www.youtube.com

Also, let's not forget that there's a credible rape claim against McGregor. While no charges have been made, investigations are ongoing in Ireland where the alleged rape took place. That being said, if Conor McGregor reacts to an old man refusing a shot of his whiskey by punching him in the face, it's not exactly a stretch to imagine how he might respond to a woman refusing his sexual advances.

How many more violent crimes will Conor McGregor be allowed to get away with before we finally decides it's time to face the consequences of his actions?

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