Conspiracy Theory Thursday — Area 51 Really IS Used For Shady Alien Experiments

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Conspiracy Theory Area 51

Area 51. The remote location in Nevada some 83 miles outside of Las Vegas has proved to be one of the most intriguing places in the US and was for years the worst kept secret of government agencies.

The area six miles wide by ten miles long is surrounded by fences with maximum security, and it's existence was only acknowledged officially for the first time by the CIA in 2013. In a series of documents released as part of a Freedom of Information request, they admitted it was a test ground for the United States government but that's about it.

More recently though, Major Charles Bolden, who has led NASA since 2009 said that extra-terrestrial life does exist and didn't unequivocally deny that aliens were hidden in Area 51—just that he hadn't seen them;

"There is an Area 51...I never saw any aliens or alien spacecraft or anything when I was there.  I think because of the secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there it's ripe for people to talk about aliens being there."

The Theory

The general belief is that Area 51 holds the key to extra-terrestrial existence. The remains of any UFOs landing on earth are said to be stored there and government scientists and researchers carry out reverse-engineering on the alien technology.

The 'Proof'

  • The strange light.  Mysterious lights frequently appear in the sky over Area 51 that are said to emanate from extra-terrestrial beings.

  • Roswell.  The Rosewell incident can't be ignored, even though the alien autopsy video was proven to be a hoax.  The fact remains that in 1947 a rancher named Mac Brazel found strange metal strewn over his land in New Mexico.  He took the debris to the authorities in Roswell and commanding officer at the time, Colonel Blanchard  ordered an investigation.  The first Army press release stated that they had recovered some type of "flying disk".  Soon after this, a General Ramey retracted the statement and said the shrapnel was from a weather balloon—even posing for photos with the debris.  However Major Jesse Marcel, a Roswell Air Force Base intelligence officer said different.  He was the first at the scene and when he finally spoke about the incident some 30 years later, said that the material publicly shown by General Ramey was a substituted weather balloon and not the real debris.  The real material was, he said "not of this earth" and exhibited highly unusual physical properties beyond human technology.

The original newpaper reporting of the Roswell incident.

  • Bob Lazar. In 1989 Lazar gave an interview where he says he worked at Area 51 in a top secret facility called S-4.  He said he worked on reverse-engineering alien technology.  His story hasn't changed in over 25 years (even though he no longer talks about it).  He doesn't try to profit off his story and doesn't have an agenda—he and his wife run a scientific equipment and supply store called United Nuclear. Officials of course, dismiss his claims, saying he never worked for the government, and there are no records of his existence as a government employee or his education history.  However, it's not like the CIA haven't made people's details disappear before and there are several pointers proving Lazar's credibility;

    • He has passed several polygraph tests.
    • His W2 form shows he worked for Department of Naval Intelligence and includes a zipcode which is classified.
    • Several people witnessed a CIA agent in Lazar's house making a random security check.  Why would that happen if he wasn't working on top security projects?
    • The journalist who interviewed Lazar, George Knapp gave him a quiz prepared by a proven ex-employee at Area 51.  Random questions about how meals would be paid for, what color the main hall was etc were asked and Lazar passed them all.
    • A Los Alamos National Labratories phone book listed him as an employee.
    • Bob says he researched an unknown scientific element which he called '115, Ununpentium' that had been reverse-engineered from an alien aircraft.  In the '80s he was dismissed by scientists as a fantasist.  Years later in 2004 scientists release their findings on a "new" element they had "discovered" called....115, Ununpentium.

Bob Lazar

  • Boyd Bushman.  Bushman was a former Area 51 scientist who gave several interviews about anti-gravity and increasingly alluded to having secret knowledge about UFOs. Bushman also passed a polygraph and said he knew Lazar. Shortly before his death in 2014, Bushman spoke to Mark Q Patterson, an aerospace engineer, about his work and experience in Area 51 over many years. He also shared photos of aliens, which of course have been dismissed as similar to alien dolls that can be bought (although how easy would it be for the government to just create a toy similar to the real thing, so it can be used to undermine credible evidence?) . The video of Bob Bushman's final interview can be found here. His revelations include;

    • Discussion about his work in reverse-engineering alien UFO technology for the military.
    • Some aliens are kept alive and functioning on the base.
    • A planet, previously unknown, names Quintumnia exists approximately 68 light years from earth.
    • The aliens used aircraft that were saucer shaped and measured 38 feet in diameter.
    • They were no more than 5 feet tall and resembled humans, with different eyes and noses.

Bob Bushman with his photos of aliens.

  • The tourist.  In 2014 a tourist named Sandra was on a bus and happened to be filming out the window near Area 51.  She saw something fly past her at high speed which she tried to follow with her camera.  She thought it  was a bird or something but later reviews of the footage showed it to be something completely different.

The biggest factor that makes Area 51 such a huge deal is the secrecy that surrounds it.  The fact that the government refused to address even it's existence for so many years surely means there is definitely something going on there that they don't want us to know about. You expect secrecy around national security developments, but to not even acknowledge the presence of the base, when it's patrolled by armed guards?

What do you think?

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