Conspiracy Theory Thursday— Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

Keanu Reeves is widely known to be one of the nicest, most generous actors in Hollywood. The 51 year old is definitely growing 'old' gracefully and while some cynics argue that it's just down to good genes and good doctors, many believe the rumors to the contrary.

Keanu Reeves Really Is The Nicest, Kindest, Most Excellent Celeb Of All

The Theory

Keanu Reeves has actually been around since 748AD—that's 1267 years ago and he has appeared in various personas during that time.

Keanu Reeves’ Account Of Home Intruder Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

The 'Proof'

  • He doesn't age at all—there is literally no difference between photos from the 1980s, 1990s and today.
  • His kindness.  He truly respects the work of the behind the scenes staff on his movies and the theory is that he has come to appreciate the hard work of others during his everlasting life.
  • His generosity.  He has given millions of dollars to charity over the years and prefers to give without credit.  He negotiated a back end deal on The Matrix, giving up his profit sharing points to ensure the backroom team got the benefit of the success of the trilogy. That deal reportedly ended up being worth $75 million and each member of the FX and costume teams apparently received $1million each.  He has said tellingly;

"Money is the last thing I think about.  I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries."

  • The photos—these are pretty conclusive.

Charlemagne—748-814. A striking resemblance and suspicious death. He crowned his son just before he died, as if he knew his time was up, and his burial was rushed during cold weather which was highly unusual in those days and indicates a need to get rid of the 'body' quckly.


Portrait of an unknown man painted in 1530 by Parmigianino-look familiar?


Paul Mounet 1847-1922. Again a striking resemblance to Keanu. Also an actor, Mounet 'died' in 1922 but his body was never found.


Reeves in 1994

Reeves in 2015—he hasn't aged a bit and shows none of the usual signs of surgical intervention.

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

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Keanu Reeves Is Immortal