Paul McCartney died in 1966

Paul McCartney.  Beloved member of The Beatles, legendary musician and now in his 70s, national hero.

But is the Paul McCartney we know and love the very same Paul McCartney that was born in Liverpool in 1942?

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The Theory

There is a long-running conspiracy theory that just won't go away, that the original Paul actually died in a car accident in 1966, and was replaced by a look-alike named Billy Shears.

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The rumors were reignited earlier this year when Ringo gave an exclusive interview in which he confirmed the Macca conspiracy.

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This wasn't quite the revelation it seemed though as the interview quotes were from a satirical news website and have been discredited.

However there are many, many other signs that today's Macca was actually born Billy—here are a just a few of them.

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The "Proof"

  • John Lennon was recorded in the outro of Strawberry Fields Forever saying "I buried Paul"

  • If you play I'm So Tired backwards, John can be heard saying "Paul is dead man, I miss him, I miss him".

  • On the cover of the album St Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band there is a yellow wreath in the shape of a bass guitar—McCartney's instrument.

  • Also on the St Pepper album, the track A Day In The Life, John Lennon says "he blew his mind out in a car".  It's agreed by theorists that Paul died in a car—there is some debate over the cause of death though, with some saying he took his own life.

  • The Abbey Road album cover.  There are many clues on this cover that point to the fact that Paul died;

    • The front cover photo of the band crossing a London street looks like a funeral procession.  John Lennon is wearing white like a clergyman and which is also the color of mourning in some Eastern religions, Ringo Starr is wearing traditional black and George Harrison is wearing denim—the color of mourning in Canada.
    • Paul's bare feet. In some cultures the dead are buried without their shoes.
    • Paul's cigarette is held in his right hand.  He was left handed.
    • The license plate on the Volkswagen Beetle is "LMW 28IF"—Paul would have been 28 if he was alive at the time the album was released.
    • The girl in the blue dress on the back of the cover is said to symbolize a female fan named Rita, who he was driving with in his Aston Martin on the night of his fateful accident, fleeing from the scene.
    • If you connect the dots on the back of the cover you can make the number 3—the number of surviving Beatles.
    • The broken Beatles sign on the back cover—a sad symbol that the band was broken.

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  • The mention of Billy Shears on the Sgt Pepper album.  The band reference that they have formed a new band with "the one and only Billy Shears."
  • His height.  In early Beatles footage Lennon and McCartney were the same height, yet by the time Sgt Pepper came around, "Paul" was noticeably taller than John.

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  • In 1980 McCartney was busted for cannabis possession in Japan.  His fingerprints didn't match the fingerprints held on file for him from the Beatles tour there in 1966.
  • In 1969 Dr Henry Truby from the University of Miami used samples from three Beatles songs sung by McCartney (Yesterday, Penny Lane and Hey Jude) to produce voice-print sonograms.  They produced very different results.
  • A biometrical analysis by a team of Italian forensic scientists proved the facial differences (mandibular curve, tragus, nasal spine, palate, canines) making it impossible that pre 1966 and post 1966 Paul was the same person.

Paul McCartney died in 1966

Paul McCartney died in 1966

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Paul McCartney died in 1966





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