Conspiracy Theory Thursday—Beyonce And The Illuminati

There have been rumors and accusations for years about the existence of the Illuminati in Hollywood, and particularly about Beyonce and the Illuminati, and how she sold her soul for fame and fortune.

The Illuminati was originally started in 1776 in Europe, and it's original aim was to form a group of the intellectual and political elite members of society.  Despite attempts by Rulers in Europe to break up and ban the group, many conspiracists believe that it still exists today.

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They claim the term 'Illuminati' is used for an elite bunch of people who plot worldwide major events and control world governments and corporations from behind the scenes in order to bring in a New World Order to power (the belief that only one government or ruler should control the entire world).

The group are also said to be anti-christian, involve evil, possession and subliminal suggestions and were responsible for the deaths of members Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, who were ex-members about to reveal their dark secrets.

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There is a common belief that Hollywood has been infiltrated, and in particular there is talk of a massive Illuminati presence in the music industry—concentrating on rap and black R&B artists.

The Theory

So what about Beyonce and the Illuminati?

The theory is that the power couple that is Beyonce and Jay-Z are very strong supporters of the Illuminati and that Beyonce in particular is a figure head for the group in the music industry, and that her rapid rise to success was down to the group.

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What's the basis for theory? Here's the alleged "proof"

The "Proof"

  • Beyonce's use of the triangle mascot.  The triangle or pyramid (and its all seeing eye) is the symbol of the Illuminati and Beyonce uses the symbol frequently.  Most famously she made a triangle with her hands during her performance at the 2013 Super Bowl apparently showing her allegiance to the group.  During the 4th quarter of the match all of the lights went out due to a power outage and the match was delayed by 35 minutes—something that has never happened before.

2013 Super Bowl pyramid sign

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  • The name of Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter is, as we all know, Blue Ivy.   The theory is that there is more to this name than the usual Hollywood silliness.   Blue Ivy initially is said to stand for; Born Living Under Evil Illuminati's Very Youngest.
  • The Met Gala lift incident in 2014.  One of the biggest scandals of the year erupted when Solange Knowles (Beyonce's sister) attacked Jay-Z in an elevator.  The story was quickly shut down and drowned out by bigger stories within a week.  It is said that Bey and Jay invoked some Illuminati privileges to get the story buried.
  • The symbolism in the 2009 Crazy In Love video.  Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce is born during this video.  It is believed that the rebirth in the video shows how Bey was initiated into the cult.  According the the anonymous Vigilant Citizen blogger, the video is a step-by-step Satanic transformation.  Literally her Phoenix like rise from the burning car as an initiatory transformation into a demon-possessed puppet of the Illuminati;

"Through symbolic scenes, we first see Beyonce walking towards a speeding car (with Jay-Z in the backseat)...Beyonce loosens up her hair to prepare herself and gets on a stage to begin initiation, symbolized by sexual dance moves.  She then reaps the rewards of the selling of her soul with fame and fortune.  Next, she is emulated by young girls who copy her dancing style.

In the final scene, the good Beyonce gets literally blown up while sitting in the backseat [of the car].  After the explosion, Sasha Fierce magically appears next to Jay-Z looking sexy, yet devilish.  In his verse, Jay-Z refers to Beyonce as 'Young B' because she was just reborn."

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  • Beyonce revealed in an interview with Marie Claire magazine that she actually feels possessed by her alter-ego on stage;

"I have out-of-body experiences [on stage].  If I cut my leg, if I fall, I don't even feel it.  I'm so fearless, I'm not aware of my face or my body."

  •  It is said that Beyonce took the place along with the hopes and dreams of Aaliyah, the American recording artist who died tragically and unexpectedly in a plane crash in 2001.  Aaliyah was engaged to another alleged Illuminati member, Dame Dash, who recently said that Jay-Z knew her first and was interested in her.  Aaliyah paved the way for Beyonce—singing, acting, modeling and the two were friends at one point.The more Aaliyah leaned about the Illuminati however, the more she didn't want to sell her soul to them and wanted out. The powers that be had to find someone who would follow the program, and they found that person in Beyonce—but needed to get rid of the competition first—there's only room for one woman wanting to be the best, hence Aaliyah's tragic 'accident'.

  • At the 2013 Grammy Awards the cameras panned to Beyonce and she flashed what is widely known as an Illuminati hand sign which signals '666'.

2013 Grammy Awards

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Is all this a coincidence or proof that Beyonce made her deal long ago and has enjoyed the benefits of her association with the Illuminati?

Let us know what you think—vote in the poll, and sound off in the comments below!

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