Conspiracy Theory Thursday—Is Katy Perry Really JonBenet Ramsey?

Just what did happen to her?

In 1996 child pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey died on Christmas Day at the age of six in mysterious circumstances and there have been many theories about her death ever since.

JonBenet was found in the basement of her family home about eight hours after she was reported missing. A ransom note had been found by her mother Patsy demanding $118,000 which bizarrely was the exact amount of a bonus that her husband John had recently received.

When the six year old's body was found in the family wine cellar, she had been struck on the head and strangled. Suspicion rested firmly on the family being involved in the murder, but due to a lack of evidence no indictments stuck and the case remains unsolved despite an extensive police investigation.

The Theory

Conspiracy theorist Dave Johnson has made a video in which he claims that the beauty queen's death was actually faked and that she grew up to be pop superstar Katy Perry and that her family kept the secret all these years so that she could become famous.

The 'Proof'

  • The parents. The resemblance is uncanny between the two sets of parents. Taking into account the difference in their ages and the weight loss of the parents between these two photos you can totally see the eerie similarity.

conspiracy theory katy perry jonbenet ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey's parents John and Patsy.

Katy Perry's parents Keith Hudson and Mary Perry.

  • The moles. There is an assertion that pretty much all photos on the internet of JonBenet Ramsey are flipped horizontally and so hide an identifying mole on her neck. You can find the same mole on Perry's neck (when it's not Photoshopped / touched up).
  • The eye color. It's difficult to find photos of either of them that have not been Photoshop enhanced, but both Ramsey and Perry share the same icy, cold, greyish eye color.
  • The mouth. Both Katy and JonBenet have the same upper lip contour and cheek dimples (if you take into account photo flipping).
  • The eyebrows. You are born with a basic eyebrow shape that can of course be enhanced but rarely changed completely. If you look at photos you can clearly see that both performers have the same basic shape.

conspiracy theory katy perry jonbenet ramsey

Katy and JonBenet share eye color, lip contour, dimples and eyebrow shapes.

  • To confirm the facial similarities see this picture of JonBenet's face superimposed over Katy Perry's face—the features are identical.

conspiracy theory katy perry jonbenet ramsey

conspiracy theory katy perry jonbenet ramsey">

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