Conspiracy Theory Thursday—Jamie Lee Curtis Is A Hermaphrodite

jamie lee curtis hermaphrodite

Jamie Lee Curtis was born in 1958 to the Hollywood power couple of their day.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were young, beautiful, ambitious and appeared to have it all.

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They produced two daughters, Kelly Lee in 1956 and then Jamie Lee two years later, before their divorce after eleven years of marriage.

Jamie Lee has followed in the footsteps of her famous parents and enjoyed a successful acting career herself, winning both a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.

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She married her husband Christopher Haden-Guest, a British aristocrat in 1984 and the couple have two children.

The Theory

There is a longstanding, oft repeated urban myth that Jamie Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite (or 'intersexual' as the condition is known today).  That is, she had both boys bits and girls bits when she was born at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood and her parents chose to raise her as a girl.

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Only the Curtis family and her doctors have the answer and all have retained their privacy over the years and maintained a dignified silence (or in the case of the doctors, been bound by doctor-patient confidentiality).

The "Proof"

  • Her boyish name.  Her parents gave her a unisex name as they hadn't decided which genitalia to have removed, the male or female, so gave the baby a name that would fit in with either scenario.
  • Her androgynous look.  Yes it could be argued that this is contributed to by her very short hair, however you cannot argue that she definitely has a facial structure that is not entirely feminine.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis' own chilidren are adopted, something neither she nor her husband have ever spoken publicly about their reasons for.
  • In 1996 an op-ed piece was written in the Baltimore Sun by William O Beeman, associate professor of anthropology at Brown University on intersexuality and there was a passage that was pulled before final publication that read;

    • "As a result, there are perhaps millions of XX males and XY females living in the United States today. These are cultural males with male genitalia who are genetically female, and cultural females with female genitalia who are genetically male. The film star Jamie Lee Curtis is one well-known individual who is genetically male, but phenotypically female."

  • Medical school lectures.  There are too many tales to be a coincidence of Curtis's intersexuality being used as an example of XY chromosones in the classroom.
  • Curtis' appearance on Howard Stern in 1998 when he asked her point blank "Clear it up once and for all.  Were you born a hermaphrodite?"  The golden opportunity to debunk the rumors and put an end to the speculation and she gave a completely ambiguous response.  "How DARE you say that!  I have children!"

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jamie lee curtis hermaphrodite

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