Broadway's been good to American Idol winners and finalists like few other genres except possibly country. It's given fourth-season rocker and extravagantly haired Constantine Maroulis a fairly lengthy career, at least; his stage credits now include Rock of Ages, RENT and The Wedding Singer. Next up: Frank Wildhorn's Jekyll and Hyde, which is coming to Broadway next spring and whose dual title role Maroulis will play.

For those unfamiliar with the musical: it's a big, dramatic adaptation of the original book with an added soprano/belter love triangle. It's the source of the other big ballad called "Someone Like You." And its title role is suited at least on paper to Maroulis. Not only does it require a decent rock tenor, but it requires all of the following: brooding, seething, hair-flipping (in "Confrontation," in some productions), and delivering the ultimate awards-ceremony and pageant song, "This Is The Moment," which is below.

(Yes, that's David Hasselhoff. He's got a parallel career as a major stage star, and he's probably the best-known Jekyll/Hyde. Just go with it.)