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Control Top's "One Good Day" Is How We're All Feeling Right Now

The Philadelphia post-punk trio, like all of us, are desperate for some good news.

In times like these, a stroke of positivity can be a tough thing to come by.

Control Top are feeling the weight of the world. The Philadelphia trio, whose debut album, Covert Contracts, marked one of last year's best underground releases, continue their streak of fuzzy, frenetic post-punk with their new single, "One Good Day."

Control Top are no strangers to politically-charged lyricism, but "One Good Day" feels particularly timely in this worldwide state of uncertainty and fear. It's a face-melting blitz that encourages empathy and setting aside our own personal desires for the greater good of the country and earth. Although the song isn't explicitly directed towards anyone in particular, "One Good Day" subtly jabs at our leaders: "Your appetite for destruction is quite a production," vocalist Ali Carter belts over raging guitars. By the chorus, she's begging on her knees—"Just tell me something positive / I don't care if it's cliche"—in a plea that feels all too familiar right now.

"One Good Day" is fueled by anger and exasperation, but the band's motives—especially as coronavirus puts the music and service industries on hold—are ultimately compassionate and call for togetherness. "What have we been missing due to the constant motion of our daily lives that we can return to in this period of stillness?" Carter asks in a statement. "Connection with friends and loved ones? Activities that make us happy? Deep spiritual reflection? How can we bring balance to this bleak landscape? Perhaps we take a cue from the people of Italy currently under lockdown, singing from their balconies to share a moment of joy in a moment of anxiety."

As the world feels drearier by the day and the light at the end of the tunnel seems out of reach, "One Good Day" inspires us to make amends and look at ourselves. What can we, as individuals, to bring that "something positive" to light?

Control Top - “One Good Day"

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