Real Sports Meets E-Sports: Danish FC Signs Dignitas Counter-Strike Players

Are they worried about the future of real sports or just chasing that profit?

FC Copenhagen is one of the most successful Danish soccer clubs in Europe. Having won the Danish championship over 11 times and striking gold with multi-million ad partnerships, the athletics organization behind the team has decided to expand from real sports (good looks to Bryant Gumbel) into the rapidly expanding market of e-sports.

And surprisingly enough, they're not alone. Last September, the Philadelphia 76ers went ahead and purchased Team Dignitas, one of the few household names in e-sports, known for their wild success in both League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

FC Copenhagen also chose to do business with Team Dignitas, but instead of trying to outspend the deep pockets of an American basketball team (albeit a bad one), they sniped the contracts of five top tier players and formed a new organization in partnership with Danish entertainment company, Nordisk Film. The team, which will be called "North" went live with a YouTube trailer on Tuesday, January 3rd.

The trailer came out in tandem with a public statement from Anders Hørsholt, the business head of F.C. Copenhagen, who expressed his belief in the team's potential for success : "We are two leading companies within entertainment and sports, venturing into esport at the very highest level. We see great potential and have high ambitions with North that will be among the world's strongest from day one."

The entertainment company behind North, Nordisk Film, is both a film and television enterprise as well as the local distributor of Playstation products in Nordic countries.

The combination of athletics and e-sports follows major moves by former Lakers player, Rick Fox, who recently purchased a League of Legends team and the acquisition of Team Liquid by Magic Johnson and other NBA club owners last September.

Are they worried about the future of sports? Are they chasing the profits of competition where-ever they may find them? It's probably a little bit of both. Plus, e-sports are pretty freakin' rad.

Check out the official trailer for Team North below:

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