Shame on you for thinking Snoop Dogg would let his daughter Cori B. release her first video for "Do My Thang" without managing to sneak in his own cameo. In the clip below, Snoop owns a diner of sorts, getting help from his girl-crazy sons and disgruntled youngest daughter, who at 12-years-old feels devoid of time to loiter with friends and plan her career. Sensing some tension, Snoop gives his matching Adidas sweatsuit-wearing baby girl five minutes to write everything that irks her—mandatory night shifts most likely included—in a nearby notebook before she reclaims her post behind the counter. And that's how pop stars are born, ladies and gents. Segue to Cori's fantasy land where it rains shopping bags and rhythmically gifted friends ripe for impromptu dance-offs. There are several declarations for her love of the weekend in this "Friday"-esque video—watch out, Rebecca Black!—that's ultimately more like Kidz Bop for the hip-hop sect. Of course, dad's videos these days aren't that much better.

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