Could Katy Perry Benefit From More Post Super Bowl Tour Dates?

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Katy Perry will be the halftime performer at this year’s Super Bowl, as previously reported by Popdust.

The singer also recently announced Lenny Kravitz would be the first surprise performer to join her. Whilst playing at halftime of the Super Bowl is an honor for the selected performers, there’s recently been a lasting boom following the performance on the secondary market.

Last year, Bruno Mars saw ticket prices skyrocket on the secondary market after he impressed many with his halftime act at the Super Bowl. Tickets for Bruno Mars concerts had an average price ranging around $150 on the secondary market before the performance and crept to an average upwards of $500 in the following weeks.

The price increase was even more impressive when considering Mars’ first scheduled performances in North America weren’t until April, two months after the Super Bowl. Perry however, does not have any North American tour dates scheduled following the Super Bowl. The North American leg of Perry’s Prismatic World Tour came over the summer with a late-June start and spanned through the middle of October.

Starting on February 16 Perry will depart for another European leg of her tour, the fourth leg overall and the second in Europe. The leg will run until March 22, which is currently scheduled to be the end of the tour which started back in May of 2014.  There is potential, of course, for an announcement of another leg of North American dates throughout the summer.

This may be unlikely, however, as the total amount of shows played up to March 22 would be 130. That would be right in line for the span of Perry’s last tour, the California Dreams Tour, which spanned 217 shows from February of 2011 to January 2012.

If Perry did however choose to add more dates to the tour, there would be potential for it to be even more successful than the last when coming on the back of an impressive performance at the Super Bowl. To date, the Prismatic World Tour has drawn over 1.4 million fans and $150 million, according to Pollstar.

Fans might have to wait until Perry’s next tour to see the pop star live (or another leg added on to this one), but football fans will get a chance to see her on February 1 in Glendale. Currently, the secondary market average price for Super Bowl tickets on TiqIQ is $4066.98 with a get-in price of $1732. Demand is so high, VIP luxury boxes at the University of Phoenix Stadium that typically go for $8,000 are selling for one hundred times that price!

Last year's Super Bowl say Bruno Mars bring down the house and ultimately drive a ton of demand for his tour. And if 2014 is any indication, Katy could be on stage quite a bit this year.

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