Count The Hair Colors In The Full "Katy Perry: Part of Me" Trailer

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As expected, Katy Perry's upcoming concert film cannot be explained with just one trailer. This is good news: it's not coming out until July 4; we need something to talk about until then. Compared to the initial 30-second, generally triumphant television spot, the first two-minute trailer for Katy Perry: Part of Me is much more cinematic, using somber music and low lighting to suggest being a pop sensation is actually quite stressful—and, that those with dreams should just give up already? Don't aim for the stars, kids! It's really a lot of work.

For those who needed additional proof that Perry's rise to world domination and unprecedented chart success was not easy, there are plenty of soundbites from members of her inner circle who remember when Katy Hudson got dropped by her first label, and thus felt "a ton of pressure" as "the whole world [was] watching" her. (Feel free to insert your own favorite quote about overcoming adversity here, in case the aforementioned ones haven't made it clear what was at stake.) Bet she's really thankful for recording an underdog anthem now, huh? In span it takes Perry to reminisce about the "journey" to get to the California Dreams stage, we counted four hair colors, three whipped cream bras, one potential outtake from her Proactiv commercial and an almost-mention of He Who Must Not Be Named, which was her 2011, in a nutshell. Watch below.

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