Courtney Love Runs Wild In Her Glittery New Music Video 'You Know My Name'

Can you believe that Courtney Love actually got her act together and made a comeback? I'm talking a proper comeback with a music video out on time and a tour to support it and sober promo interviews and the whole thing.

Love's new single, "You Know My Name," marks a welcome return for the songstress whose larger-than-life persona has often overshadowed her music and talent. It's not the '90s grunge cash-in that you might've expected, with Love going balls-to-the-wall punk-pop instead, but with the same ferocious energy that lit up classics like "Violet" and "Celebrity Skin."

The music video walks the same thin line between decadence and destruction that Love's been teetering on for two decades. There's glitter, disco balls, broken glass, and vintage couture, all smashed to pieces in trashed hotel room. If drag queens were more like rock stars, this is what their tour buses would look like after a show.

Welcome back, Courtney.

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