Courtney Stodden took to her twitter account for something other than sharing those rejected pitches for a softcore porno that rely on way too much alliteration. Self-promotion! Yes, the teen bride, newly 17, is still kicking around those music career aspirations, although she seems to have dropped the country angle in favor of the wildly popular I'll Do Whatever My Husband Tells Me To Do By Making Any Kind Of Music That Sounds Vaguely Like It Could Be Played In A Strip Club genre. "We Are America" is her latest venture into "hard rock," both heavy on the non-verbal chants ("nah nah nah/hey hey hey") and patriotic allusions. But that doesn't mean it can't be provocative and sexual. "Had such a sexy Friday in the recording studio banging out a hard rock version of "We Are America" - Taste it here ;-)" Stodden tweeted late Friday. Sadly there is no DIY music video yet, but rest assured some sexy lady soldiers are learning suggestive choreography with machine guns right this very moment.

Well, you heard the woman girl. Taste it: