Classifying every new television interview with Doug Hutchison and his jailbait bride Courtney Stodden as the "creepiest ever" seems redundant, and yet, these two consistently manage to find new ways to top their previous unsettling chats. The deeply Christian country singer continued her grand press tour with a stop at Father Albert's talk show to discuss the tired topics of the 35-year age difference between them and her virginity. Leave it to a priest to bring up the issue of college and continued education, being that as a 16-year-old Stodden should be enjoying a little pre-calculus with a side of world history come September. But like so many aspiring stars, school is not important to her right now. "He's my college. He's my acting coach!" she said of her esteemed husband who until a month ago was best known as one of the sketchy Others on Lost. "I have a built-in acting coach right here. How many girls...that's their dream, and I fell in love with my dream. He's my soulmate." Cue Father Albert's nervous sweating. "Do you feel comfortable with her saying that? 'Cause I don't," he replied. While we can think of a few things that are on the syllabus at Hutchison University, Doug went one step further by actually articulating what a days worth of schooling entails. "We're hopefully educating each other," he explained. "What were here to do is to touch each other and to love each other as best we can." Really, you shouldn't have.