As New York's Occupy Wall Street protests continue to inspire additional demonstrations across the country, we may be at the hands of another push for freedom of speech and expression after the young patriot known as Courtney Stodden has been banned from Facebook due to a newly established fan page that was deemed too explicit. Because if an underage bride can't post numerous half-naked photos for all to see, we've lost our identity as a country. "Are you ready to compellingly connect with me on Facebook? ;)" Stodden wrote on her Twitter account Tuesday, directing fans to the page that reportedly was taken down in a matter of hours with Stodden being denied access to the site. "Too sexy for facebook? ;)" she added on Tuesday, with the accompanying "inappropriate" photo, that's still available on her Twitter account if you're really, really interested.

"There is nothing on her page you wouldn't find anywhere on Facebook!" her mother Krista Keller told E! News, once again coming to her defense in the press while Doug likely conducts erotic science experiments in their scary love cave. "She has never done any nudity. Not a breast, not even a butt cheek." Of course this is not the result of any wrongdoing by the aspiring singer, or even a technical glitch out of Palo Alto. Every diva has enemies, and even though Courtney still shoots her music videos in the back of a neighbor's speed boat, she is no exception. "It's the jealousy from the women towards her," Keller said. "All the comments from the guys are really good, but the women just call her a slut and a whore. She's just too sexy for Facebook!" And this is why we can't have nice things. Even worse is the use of "bullying" that's being associated with this story. If Stodden requests a meeting with President Obama over potential legislation, we might seek refuge in Winnipeg and resign ourselves to a life of Nickelback superfans.

Stodden's Facebook page seems to have since been restored, with comments posted on her wall as recent as Thursday morning. Remember that Keller is also the woman who was fine with her daughter entering a relationship with someone 34 years her senior, signing off on her teenage daughter's marriage to Doug Hutchison this spring, but is not OK with Mark Zuckerberg and the all too easy functionality of his social networking site. "The women report the photo because it's so easy to do. You just click a button. They think she's too sexy, they all report her together, and it's done." At least she already has a song for the haters in her repertoire.