Forget the Conrad Murray trial, the most important verdict of the day comes from none other than Courtney "I'm Rill Real" Stodden. After discussing her behavior at a California pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, Dr. Drew invited Stodden and her equally fame hungry husband Doug Hutchison to stop by his "Lifechangers" episode, with the chance to put those nasty plastic surgery rumors to rest for once and for all. Dressed in a medical robe while wearing a full face of makeup, Stodden underwent an ultrasound on the show, much to dismay of more than one scared audience member, where it was revealed that her breasts have not been surgically enhanced. So she just wants them to look that way? Watch the big moment below.

Both thanked Drew for finally giving them the "relief" they've been looking for. Hopefully they can now get back to planning their next holiday-themed act of public indecency or perhaps start experimenting with new hair colors for Stodden's dogs. As for us, we plan on getting back to forgetting their names. Until their next ridiculous television appearance, that is.