Cover Art Cop: No Doubt's "Push and Shove" vs. The Rolling Stones' "Emotional Rescue"

Well, first the good news: The cover for No Doubt's new LP Push and Shove, due out late next month, is way, way less of an eyesore than the art for their comeback single "Settle Down," still the most unsightly thing we've had the displeasure of setting our eyes on this year. The less-than-good news: the No Doubt cover art does seem slightly borrowed to us, from a source that we would consider less than iconic:

Not that there's anything wrong with the black-and-white four-quadrant look, and at least No Doubt didn't do the weird thermo-vision thing that the Stones did back in the day, though the four members are weirdly blurry/shimmery/fingerprinty/whatever. But if you're gonna copy a Stones album cover, we'd say stick with Some Girls or (if you have the crotch for it) Sticky Fingers. And if you have to go the four-quadrant way, the Talking Heads' Remain in Light is a cooler look anyway.

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