Not to keep picking on poor Taio Cruz, whose "Hangover" single (released today on iTunes) we didn't have terribly kind things to say about, but man, originality is just not the dude's strong suit. Not only does the song recycle from old elements of singles by David Guetta, LMFAO and even his co-conspirator Flo Rida, but the single's cover art seems pretty closely lifted from a previously existing source as well. Check out the comparison between the "Hangover" art and the cover for Big Sean's debut album Finally Famous, released just a couple of months ago.

Yeah, right? The red-and-black tint, the tall and thin type, the unnecessary reliance on's an echo, to say the least. Not that it's a bad look or anything, but it's distinctive enough that when it's used twice in the space of a half-year, it's bound to be somewhat conspicuous. Let's try to mix things up a little bit next time, Taio?