That crazy Human Barbie chick denies having any plastic surgery to help achieve her freaky doll-like appearance—but old photos of her seem to indicate otherwise.

Valeria Lukyanova started off pretty smokin' hot and in 2007 won the international beauty pageant Miss Diamond Crown of the World—after her victory, she had multiple photo shoots and even got nekkid. Saweet.

As Popdust previously reported the Ukrainian has publicly denied undergoing plastic surgery, apart from breast implants—and vehemently denies multiple claims that she has had ribs surgically removed to make her waist smaller.

As for her drastically different before and after photos, The Barbs blames her haters for altering old photos in Photoshop! Cha. That totally happened. She swears that her appearance is the product of her diet, exercise, makeup and colored contact lenses alone....

I know ladies, I know. You're all dying to find out just what kind of diet makes for such an enviable figure. Atkins? Low-carb? Cabbage soup?


While she used to consume nothing but liquids, Valeria has kicked it up a notch and is now “a Breatharian” subsisting—she claims—on nothing but breath and light.

When she's not driving around the Ukraine in a tiny plastic Corvette, Lukyanova is a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel, which she describes as "an international school in which our instructors show students how to leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual body."

But you have to pay for your own acid.

Valerie is a self-described New Age guru and says she had out of body experiences when she was a child. She now visits with people from other civilizations. She also claims to travel to other planets and communicates with aliens through light.

Wait… you eat light AND communicate with aliens through light??

My halogen must be defective. I am totally taking it back to Bed, Bath, and Beyond….