As the the Oprah Winfrey Show winds down into its final weeks, Oprah is pretty much satisfying every insane whim imaginable: She got John Travolta to fly her audience to Australia, she got Joan Jett to sing with Miley Cyrus, she's getting none other than President Barack Obama to hang out on set, and next week she's going to personally bring peace to the Middle East and hire a team of scientists to create a unicorn that poops Kit-Kat Bars. So before she unveils her final act of self-aggrandizing altruism ("Look under your seat... we're all going to the moon!"), she gifted her audience with an only-Oprah-could-make-this-happen musical treat.

Why, who's that singing her 1998-1999 theme song "Run On"? It's Cee Lo Green, the Soul Machine himself—which is way, way, waaay cooler than when Roseanne brought in Blues Traveler to sing the theme for her final season. Fortunately for us, Green did not add any extra swear words or Gwyneth Paltrow appearances, simply doing a soulful, liquid take on the aftrenoon TV classic. Which begs the question: Why was Cee Lo Green watching Oprah in 1999? Maybe that downtime between Goodie Mob and his first solo record meant some "extra-special Cee Lo time" around the house. The fact that he's wearing one of his mom's bedazzled sweaters doesn't hurt the case that Cee Lo is a "closet Oprah junkie."

Feel free to compare Cee Lo's bombastic remix and the inspirational Oprah original.

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