Shakira's boyfriend, 24-year-old FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué, was caught with his pants er, filled, over the weekend. The footballer was waiting for his girlfriend at the airport, when a photographer with a very active zoom lens snapped him with what appeared to be a prodigious erection. The photo made the cover of Cuore Magazine, with arrows pointing towards his crotch and the revealing caption "100 por ciento libre de Photoshop" ("100 percent free of Photoshop").

In a country where they love their soccer stars, "El Piqueton de Pique" has become a sensation, and was even a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. (Sure, it's all fun and games now, but just way until they lose again to Real Madrid and Shakira becomes the next Jessica Simpson.) Don't say the American paparazzi never did you any favors, U.S. celebrities.