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Make no mistake, while LA-based quartet Haim has a debut album dropping in 2013, they're not new artists. Sisters Danielle, Alana and Este (last names Haim, rhymes with “time”) along with friend Dash Hutton were brought up in the music biz. We caught up with Este  the headbangin,’ ombre blonde who rocks out in their Cali-cool video “Forever.” Check out what she had to say:

How old were you when you started playing music with your family  and what was that like?

We started our family band when I was in the sixth grade and we've played music since we were in elementary school. For us it was always normal that we played music with our parents. We thought everyone had a band with their family. It was just something that we did for fun!

Haim, Forever 

Describe your personal styles and where you like to shop?

If I'm not wearing one of the many mini dresses that I've amassed over the years, I usually just steal one of Danielle's vintage band t-shirts, throw on a pair of jeans and call it a day. I keep things pretty simple and I'll always love a good baby doll dress. I used to work at Wasteland and I still love popping in and saying "hi." I always find something there that I have to buy. I also love thrifting at American way in Burbank, I found my favorite denim work-shirt there.

Who are some current bands and brands that are on your radar?

I'm obsessed with the girls in St Lulu. They're the sweetest ! I'm also way into Jesse Ware at the moment, Bleached and Jai Paul. Right now the brands I’ve been wearing and obsessing over are Norma Kamali and Alexander Wang. I always feel confident in their clothes.

Who were some of your musical influences and what made them special to you?

My dad gave me the VHS of "Stop Making Sense" when I first started playing bass and I still get inspired by watching it. The Talking Heads have always been a big influence on me.

So...any plans for the holidays? It looks like you'll be touring?

We’re gonna be on tour untill December 19th so we’ll still have time to enjoy the holidays. I want to spend as much time with my friends and family as possible! I'm planning a Chanukah party at my place with a latkah making should be epic!

What are some plans for 2013?

Finish this record, go to Disneyland for my birthday and find the perfect leather jacket!

Haim, Don't Save Me

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