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Cute pics and videos of kids and their pets

Such adorable pictures & videos of pets loving children, you can't help but smile

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Kids and animals love each other unconditionally

Boy and Saint Bernard


This heartwarming photo captures a young child, perhaps 2 years of age, walking in a field. He is followed closely by a dog almost 3 times his size. The St. Bernard seems to be the boy's protector. Lovingly monitoring his safety. Known to be loving, gentle and tolerant in spite of its size, Saint Bernard's are good with families with well-behaved children. In addition, they are eager to please, making training easier.

4 Puppies and Baby

This video of puppies nestled in with a baby that seems to be nursing them. That baby looks so happy and the puppies faces are so cute as they sniff at her face. We found this on Dogs Life Facebook page.

On the Seesaw, you need a loyal friend

Joe Baraban

This picture was shot for the Quaker Oats Annual Report. The photographer captures her daughter playing with her dog. This looks like they have done this before, but I caution those to not try this at home without parent supervision.

Montage of kids playing with dogs

Now this will just melt your heart. There are so many cute things going on here. I almost imploded from the most wonderful moments caught on film. I could watch this one a few times.

Line up the pack of dogs

This little lady is playing follow the leader! Taking charge of 4 dogs is quite an accomplishment, especially for this youngster. She looks confidently forward as the pack of dogs obediently walk side by side, as if they are on the way to the dog sled.

Kids read to dogs

Humane Society of Missouri
These little kids are reading to shelter dogs to cheer them up. This entertains the dogs while making the kids practice a useful skill. This story is so touching teaching the value of loving and nurturing your fellow creatures. Watch and see how these dogs respond.

Good bunny rabbit stays still


How can anyone resist a bunny that is posing so calmly with this young girl? She is walking her fingers up the rabbit's head, following its nose all the way to its ears.

Boy and little chicks walk in the woods


This shirtless boy is looking after these baby chicks as they go for a stroll in the woodland paradise. It must be warm for his shirtless attire. Although the chicks seem to know where they are going, he is just watching them go.

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