Do you remember your reaction upon first hearing dubstep? (We're pretty sure there is nobody with Internet access who reads music websites who has not heard it in some form.) You probably do, and not only that, there's a chance that it might've been preserved on film for the entire Internet to gape at. See, "____ reacts to dubstep" is a mini-YouTube cottage industry. There are kids reacting to dubstep, someone's grandma reacting to dubstep (pullquotes: GRANDMA: "It's just fucking stupid. You can't even pat your foot to it!" DUDE: "Yeah you can. It's called fist-pumping." GRANDMA: "Fist-pumping?"), someone else's grandma rendered speechless, and (naturally) the standard meme of Hitler reacting to dubstep.

This one's some guy's grandpa Al reacting to dubstep--specifically Skrillex, because of course it's Skrillex. At first he's a bit unfamiliar with the idea of electronic music or how you'd dance to it, but thanks to a Foster the People segue, he figures them both out eventually. Pay close attention to this; it's going to be played out all across America should Skrillex win the Grammy he was nominated for, c.f. this.

[The Awl, minus the death]