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Daily Beast Writer Uses Grindr To Bait And Mock Gay Olympians

We can't even with this one.

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daily beast writer grindr baits olympians—yeah, good job Mr. Hines!

A straight male writer for The Daily Beast used the gay dating app Grindr to bait Olympic athletes, outing several who live in dangerously repressive homophobic regimes.

The writer lures the athletes, who are often closeted, under false pretenses, but insists he did nothing dishonest.

Since the entire function of the enterprise is to bait and mock gay athletes for an internet news site, you have to wonder what defensible motive he had, or why the piece was even approved.

Daily Beast, hello, have you heard the one about Gawker's comeuppance for outing a tech billionaire??

By 10:30 Thursday morning, The Daily Beast woke up and edited out most of the identifying details about the closeted subjects. But the damage was done. Nothing on the internet can be disappeared thanks to screenshots and archives.

The whole tone of the piece makes it an objectionable misfire: What era are they living in?

The writer, Nico Hines, hastens to tells readers that he's married, with a child, No gayness here, he assures us.

But his delight in baiting the men is just a teeny bit...let's go with 'creepy'.

Using a photo of his face and no mention of his profession, Hines uses Grindr to out athlete after athlete, supplying enough information about each Olympian that anyone could deduce their identities via Google.

Listen to the reportorial tone here. What an asshole.

As you would expect at a gathering of 206 nations, there was a dazzling array of talent on display. One swipe to the right took me from a tall black guy with a perfect six-pack directly to a second perfect six-pack, this time belonging to a shorter white athlete.
One, who sent his address, had a Rio 2016 duvet cover as his main picture. His profile read "I'm looking for sex" in two languages.
He asked for "a sex foto," but I'm a bit of a prude like that, so I sent a selfie from the fencing earlier this week.
Strangely, that didn't deter him, and he sent me the name of his building. It wasn't yet 5:30 in the evening—long before my usual dating hour.

Notice how he flatters himself there? He's boasting that he's hot enough to snag a gay Olympian.

The Daily Beast has added an 'Editor's note' nearly as long as the piece, expressing regret but affirming the story's newsworthiness. Because traffic is traffic, people.

Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who is openly gay, provided the perfect tagline to the piece when he tweeted that Hines "basically just outed a bunch of athletes in his quest to write a shitty [Daily Beast] article where he admitted to entrapment."

Let The Daily Beat know if you're pissed off. And remind them that bullying gays is stupid and dangerous.

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