It's premiere week, so stars are naturally taking to Twitter to promote their projects to the millions of folks who hang on their every word. With upwards of 35 million followers between the four X Factor judges (Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, L.A. Reid, and, natch, Simon), their Twitter publicizing is very, well, public. There's some healthy competition between the judges themselves and some less-than-healthy jabs at networks that are not FOX. Take a looksy.

FOXing Match

Ya don't say!

He'll get back to you in a bit, D. Why not knock on the door of some of your famous friends?


Simon Says:

Mr. Nice Guy in Action:

Back to Mr. Nasty:

And now Mr. Pervy?

A Little Humility from Glambert

The Boys Corner


Finally, an Image Most Disturbing:

Ew x 2.