The day in music as told by tweets. A birthday wish is not official until it has been cemented on a social medium. Louis Tomlinson knows this. Niall Horin knows this. Even Olly Murs knows this. As of the time of this post (and, trust me, we'll be obsessively refreshing their feeds), Liam Payne's 19th birthday has received zero tweet-love from band mates Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Gauche.

In other news, Justin Bieber and his cohorts are coyly tweeting about an ambiguous #IDEA they concocted last night. Again, we'll be obsessively refreshing their feeds for answers. It's what we do.

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People Who Didn't Forget About Liam

His response:

And a little self-promotion, why not?


Talk to your friends about it.

Keep it ambiguous, Jon.

We assume it's not this idea:

Scooter still managed to find time to congratulate his other projects:

Ke$ha also drank from the coy Kool-Aid:

Exchange of the Day:

Especially given this. Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton Do Not Lack Confidence

Courtney Love Does Not Lack Crazy

Katy Perry Cooks For Her

The Odd Compliment Corner

Nice Try, Kanye

You Know Who You Are:

And, Ahem...

There's this, um, cool music site called, um, like, Popdust or something?