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Daisy Ridley stiff-arms Judy Dench and Josh Gad on "The Last Jedi" questions

Daisy Ridley should play a wax sculpture in her next film

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Daisy Ridley is currently surrounded by stars, especially stars in the firmament of British high culture. Her latest film, Murder on the Orient Express, is being directed by Kenneth Branagh, the lauded Shakespearean actor, and also stars Judy Dench a.k.a. the latest iteration of M in 007. As you can imagine, for a young British actress, this is pretty huge. But none of the gravitas of this moment in Ridley's life has stopped resident nerd and lovable (?) scamp Josh Gab, who's also working on Branagh's film, from pestering her about The Last Jedi.

Last week Gad managed to shift the tectonic plates of nerd-internet by luring Ridley to his trailer under false pretenses only to spring the hard questions on her: "Are you the last jedi? Is it the plural jedi?"

Ridley was rightfully annoyed and gave him absolutely squat nothing. But then he tried a different tactic. This time he did a little more groundwork and again...

We got absolutely nothing out her. Total steep trap. But that's only because Gad wasn't taking proper advantage of his surroundings. He threw Ken Branagh's name out there for dramatic effect but he couldn't actually get one of these British film legends to help him in his knowledge acquiring quest... until now.

Yes, that's Judy Dench. The Judy Dench. Dame Judy Dench, which is the female version of sir, apparently. She's a knight. Not a jedi knight, but she did her absolute best impression of a darkside warrior in an attempt to siphon details from Rey a.k.a Ridley. As you can see, Ridley is paralyzed with something like anger, awestruckedness, and the hardest earned apathy I've ever seen on a human face outside of ESPN's late night airings of poker championships.

She gives us absolutely nothing on film, but the video does end with a cliffhanging "OK."

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