Dan Deacon Folds "Call Me Maybe" In On Itself

Popdust 07/05/12

"Dan Deacon ruins 'Call Me Maybe," reads the Stereogum headline, which we think is a little unfair. Sure, the modern synth-pop experimenteur's remix of the song isn't gonna be played on Z100 (or any other radio station) anytime soon, and there's probably a high percentage of Carly Rae Jepsenites that couldn't get through more than a half-minute of it without wailing in agony. But there's definitely something very cool about this remix, which layers the song on top of itself 147 times, adding a new layer every two measures, creating an endless round of Carly Rae Jepsens singing the song over and over again. A couple obvious phrases stick out amidst the voices—the chorus especially—until the entire thing just becomes one loud, cacophonous roar of Carly Rae.

If nothing else, it's a brand new way to hear a song you've heard hundreds of times—by hearing it hundreds of times (well, 147) at once.

this is a screenshot of the layers of the 147 tracks in 'Call Me Maybe Acapella 147 Times Exponentially Layered' twitter.com/ebaynetflix/st…

— DAN DEACON (@ebaynetflix) July 3, 2012

<a href="http://mabsonenterprises.bandcamp.com/track/call-me-maybe-acapella-147-times-exponentially-layered">Call Me Maybe Acapella 147 Times Exponentially Layered by Dan Deacon</a>