Just when you thought Danity Kane's comeback was over before it had even began, the girls are finally back (exactly a year after they first reformed!) with their long-awaited new single, "Lemonade."

Produced by "Damaged" hitmakers the Stereotypes and featuring a guest rap from Tyga, "Lemonade" is pretty much everything you could want from a Danity Kane comeback in 2014. It cycles through all the current urban music trends, from electro-hop to smooth Drake-esque ambient R&B, while a banging sample of Clipse's recent hit "Grindin'" underscores the entire affair. Musically and lyrically it bears some similarities to Mariah Carey's new single "Thirsty," but we love "Thirsty" over here, so that's hardly a problem.

There's only one problem: Where's Aundrea? Not only does homegirl not have a solo verse on the song, she isn't even featured on the official artwork. Is Danity Kane now a trio?

Whatever. As long as the music stays this good, Danity Kane can be a solo act for all we care.