Why You Need This Free & Secure Password Manager

Are you protected online? To really be protected you'd need a completely different password for every single site. Impossible, right? No one can do it on their own, which is where Dashlane comes in. Dashlane is a password management software that remembers all your passwords for you and is an easy and secure way to manage them all across multiple devices.

How secure is it? Dashlane has a "Zero Knowledge Architecture". This means you create one master password that is stored offline - not even their engineers have access to it. The app is activated with your master password which is like the key to unlock your other passwords. If Dashlane is hacked, it would be like breaking into a bank but having no access to the vaults inside. What happens if a website like Yahoo is breached again? Dashlane will send you a notification with the option of a two-click password change so you won't have to pay for someone else's mistake. You're protected from every angle. With 8 million trusted users worldwide, they're doing something right.

Give them a try for free today and stop worrying about your security.