Ghostface Killah Actually Jumps on Dat $tick Remix

Ghostface Killah follows through on his off-hand commitment with a steely sixteen on the Dat $tick Remix.

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A few months ago Youtube Comedian/Rapper Brian Imanuel, aka Rich Chigga, dropped the shockingly hard track "Dat $tick" on Youtube and Soundcloud. The song is one of those legendary tracks that possess both obvious comedic value (RC is clad in a pink polo, khaki shorts, and a fanny pack) and musical quality. In other words, despite the artist being a comedian, the song actually bangs.

And the rap world agreed. In a Complex Magazine reaction video, artists like Desiigner, Ty Dolla $ign, and even the immortal Ghostface Killah commented on the song's apparent quality. The only difference for Ghostface was that he said, rather off-handedly, that he would actually get on a remix. And now he did.

Last night, Rich Chigga shared via Youtube the new video for the "Dat $tick Remix" featuring Ghostface Killah and Youtube sensation, Pouya. It's a wild ride.

Undoubtedly higher budget than the original, although lacking some of its humor, the remix visual possesses every feature of the stereotypical triple-A rap video: beautiful, scantily-clad women, bottles, guns, clubs, and expensive vehicles. Rich Chigga starts out the gate with a new verse with much the same thematic content. He's followed by a hot 32 from Pouya, who employs a more modern cadence to great success. Finally, the legend himself, Ghostface, drops a verse in absentia. It's likely that he simply recorded the audio and sent it to RC to edit in because his face is computer animated onto RC's body in the video. Altogether it makes for a fairly janky, fantastical visual.

Check it out below:

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