David Bowie fans, rejoice: yesterday, to mark what would have been the 70th birthday of The Man Who Fell to Earth, No Plan was released. The EP features "Lazarus," a track from Bowie's final record, Blackstar, as well as three tracks that were featured on the soundtrack for the Off-Broadway musical of the same name that Bowie was working on simultaneously. Recorded during the Blackstar sessions, it's very likely these are Bowie's last recordings.

Even though they're not new fare for die-hard fans, hearing the Thin White Duke sing his own songs is as much a treat as it is a painful reminder of what we lost. "Killing a Little Time" comes in roaring with a powerful guitar and a hard rock vibe, while "When I Met You" chugs along at a more relaxed pace, and the layered vocals feel right at home with Bowie's more inspirational tunes.

Of the three new recordings, the one that comes with the most to offer is "No Plan." The mournful, saxophone-infused track is accompanied by a new video that's as haunting as the song itself. Most of the action takes place on several television screens, and at the end, we see a falling star flash through the screens followed by a glimpse of Bowie's face. The stars may indeed look different since he's been gone, but this new video is a fitting tribute to one of the greats.

Watch the video for "No Plan" below.