With the scientific precision with which he's gotten you to the dance floor even without the powers of fruit-infused vodkas, it's no wonder David Guetta has a thing for laboratories in his music videos. According to Guetta's CV, hot beats plus one in-demand pop star on the hook makes for a massive hit, only this time he allows himself a bit more screentime rather than surrendering to his collaborators. "I Can Only Imagine" features Chris Brown further declaring his love for all things bright and shiny, while Lil Wayne holds court at the skate park. (Finally! And he didn't even have to pretend to like a certain sugary soda. Let's just make sure someone is spotting him—remember what happened last time?) Directed by Colin Tilley, Guetta constructs his beats in a transparent booth, floating in a mysterious gravity-defying shaft and giving us a little more in terms of choreography than just a few enthusiastic head bobs.

Despite the futuristic design and pricey electric bill that's to come, it's all a pretty laid back concept as Weezy gets to skateboard for work and Breezy jokes around with Guetta in the booth—asking him to play that Drake diss remix, natch—most likely because these two know enough about the Frenchman's tendency for creating effortless hits not to really break a sweat. Watch below.