French DJ David Guetta's annual summer party video has arrived in the form of "Where Them Girls At," featuring Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. Despite the slow building anticipation for the clip, it's nowhere near Lady Gaga or Beyoncé levels of complex—just your average urban dance party. Instead, we find Guetta perched atop a building looking out onto his party empire, releasing bubbles of music that instantly prompt civilians to burst into spastic, dancing convulsions. Even Minaj can't escape the bubbles and their beat, swallowing one as it floats towards her, then spitting it out, along with a typically fierce Nicki verse (as expected anytime she's credited with a cameo). Flo Rida surveys the scene from the street below—nodding appropriately and encouraging the women's impromptu dancing—while Guetta takes to his turntables to launch things into full gear. Who knew people really needed laced soap suds to get a summer dance party going? (Isn't that what alcohol is for?) We're all for bubble parties and anything Nicki Minaj, but was this fairly straightforward video really worthy of five separate teasers?