Deleted Tweet Reveals Elusive Nintendo Switch UI

Intentional leak? Hoax? Snowden-level security breakdown? Whatever it is, it's better than the Wii channels system.

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Binding of Isaac developer Nicalis, Inc. tweeted an old school analogue "screenshot" which apparently revealed a little bit too much of the Switch's UI for Nintendo's marketing/legal team's comfort.

The tweet went out around one o'clock Thursday and was deleted shortly thereafter.

The caption which reads "Isaac was lonely so we brought a few friends to keep him company." hints at the release of two other titles, Cave Story and 1001 Spikes, both cult classics for the developer of the Binding of Isaac, the 2011 indie hit that combined a Newgrounds-reminiscent visual aesthetic with a dark and complicated emotional palette. Both games featured next to Isaac have not yet been confirmed for Switch, but this tweet is about all we need to know that these will be titles available for purchase in the Switch's online store.

The UI pictured in the tweet is starkly different from the one Nintendo briefly previewed at the Switch press conference on January 13th. Here's the original snippet from Nintendo for reference:

The most obvious difference is the appearance of a customized UI. In the Nicalis tweet it appears the user has chosen a black background which could hint at either a day/night mode option or perhaps even a wider array of colors that could be available for the UI. It wouldn't be surprising if the developer of the brooding Isaac opted for black even with a wide array of available colors.

This tweet also comes in hot on the tails of the Joycon controller reveal, the standard controllers for Switch that affix to the side of the console. Joycons appear to come in at least four different colors, so perhaps the UI will also allow for a diversity of options.

There are also some interesting hints about the software options on the Switch. See the part of the screen that reads "Close Software" and "Change User"? Thanks to some genius analysis from Allegra Frank at Polygon we now know that this might mean Switch users will be able to change user profiles without closing out of their current gaming session. Your sister wants to play Mario Odyssey while you're getting your Breath of the Wild on? Apparently this won't be a problem on Switch, just change profiles seamlessly without losing a swing of your sword... or at least we can hope!

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