Remember when we were all kind of confused and surprised by 17-year-old Disney star Demi Lovato going into rehab? The word at the time was that being on tour with her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas triggered some pretty serious drug and alcohol issues. Now that she's out, though, she's telling a slightly different story.

"Because I never embraced my emotions," Lovato told Seventeen magazine, she sought relief through cutting and eating disorders. "I basically had a nervous breakdown. I was really bad off. My parents and my manager pulled me aside and said, 'You need to get some help.' It was an intervention. I wanted freedom from the inner demons. I wanted to start my life over."

Being a teen-pop star can certainly be stressful!

Hopefully Lovato's recovery will be aided by the considerably less stressful job of interning for Seventeen, where she will "post articles twice a month." Lovato's internship comes in the grand tradition of other famous people with media internships such as Theo Spielberg, Michaela Cuomo and Lauren Conrad.