Demi Lovato has been open about her emotional and physical struggles, going so far as to document her steps to recovery on an MTV special last month. But as her professional commitments continue to keep her busy, one aspect of her life that could still use some work is her driving, following reports of a near collision in Los Angeles on Monday. Surely someone has pitched a "Celebrity Driving School" series by now, right? Lovato took to Twitter to reveal the details of those involved in her almost-accident early Tuesday morning:

Yes, that McCartney, as in Paul COMMA Sir. It's times like this when we really, really wish The Beatles had Twitter. Demi's got a proven aptitude for destruction, and while nearly killing a legend and honorary British knight would ostracize her from the music community all together, thus inspiring a dark follow-up to 2011's Unbroken, we can all rest a little easier knowing that the 19-year-old is not a member of the "Who Is Paul McCartney?" club. While watching Justin Bieber perform with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Carlos Santana over the past few months would evoke jealousy in any young performer, hitting an ex-Beatle with your car is probably not the way to go about getting invited to the recording studio, Demetria.