Proving that those Disney Channel bonds run deep, Nick Jonas popped up at the Demi Lovato show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, helping out with two songs and pushing the acceptable limits of cute allowed in one performance space. Recall that the youngest Jonas is not Lovato's former fling, and apparently not worried about making things awkward for his older brother Joe, either. "Nick is one of my greatest friends that I ever had so I just wanted to bring him out on stage, even though you already know how talented he is," Demi told the audience after greeting her guest with a hug. Nick arrived on stage with an acoustic guitar, Mr. Rodgers cardigan, and a smile. The two trade cutesy looks back and forth during "Catch Me," flirtatious enough to suggest Nick was the Jonas Brother Demi was dating before her stint in a rehab center and subsequent empowering power ballads.

Stick it through to song number two ("Don't Forget"), where Demi straps on her own guitar and pretends to give Nick a hard time for some inaudible reason, resulting in the most adorable, non-Kanye shrug we've ever seen. And just like that he's gone, but not without explaining what this all means to him!

Time away from The Great White Way has been treating Nick well—between the grandpa sweater, buzz cut, and glowing tan, this is not your older sister's JoBro. Meanwhile, Joe is touring the U.S. on the back of his new reality series The Next, quoting The O.C. theme song. We're guessing they'll has things out before the next meeting of the brotherhood—or save that for later in case Kevin's reality show needs some help. Watch below.