As soon as our anticipation for the release of Demi Lovato's album Unbroken was satiated this week, there is yet another Lovato-related wait looming. Because post-Disney stars would be nothing without endless teasers to the teasers—looking at you, Joe Jonas. Lovato has confirmed "Who's That Boy," the lighter, flirtier, Rihanna-esque track that features Dev and boasts production and writing credits from Ryan Tedder, Noel Zancanella and Devin Tailes, as her official second single. After screaming her presence with the emotional look-how-much-I-can-really-sing "Skyscraper," Lovato has certainly earned the right to step back from the Serious Ballads for single No. 2, and has ample room to switch things up within an album that exists as a diverse singles checklist. Sure, it might sound a lot like "What's My Name," but it's more party-appropriate than what we've heard thus far—unless your soirees are capped with a nice group cry—and reminds us all that despite the rehab headlines and public break-ups, she's still 19. Now that she's made the decision for us, you can expect a video to arrive shortly. "We're in the middle of getting the treatment and things put together," Lovato told MTV. "So hopefully we'll be shooting that soon." Start the countdown, Lovatics.